In the natural aging process, bones, joints and muscles start to deteriorate and results in functional limitations. This natural age-related decline starts in midlife and over the years, the risk of further decline in physical functioning continues to grow. Weakening in strength, endurance and flexibility, one would lead a more sedentary lifestyle as they get older and this further exacerbates the loss of physical functions.


A Breakthrough Solution for Weak Body Structure

Unlike typical collagen supplements which consist of a single type of collagen, FlexC PRO EX provides quick replenishment of types I, II and III collagen peptides, which make up 90% of the body’s collagen. With the full spectrum of collagen peptides, FlexC PRO EX is more superior and potent while delivering more diverse benefits than any typical single-collagen supplements.


Most Advanced Curcumin Inflammation Fighter

FlexC MAX EX is an unrivalled formula of bioactive extracts to support speedy relief for the joints, body and overall health. Targeting the root cause of joint and muscle pain by supporting a healthy inflammatory response, FlexC MAX EX also provides powerful antioxidant protection while supporting the body’s natural tissue repair process. This natural vegetarian alternative will also reduce the need for pain killers for optimal wellness.


Bioactive Peptide Serum to Complete Repair & Rebuild Joint Tissues & Muscles

Formulated with concentrated bioactive peptides, FlexC CARE will penetrate deeply and rapidly through the skin to provide complete repair and rebuild of damaged joint and muscle tissues. Possessing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, FlexC CARE soothes discomfort within hours of application and is also recognized by medical clinics around the world.