Frequently Asked Questions

Developed using proprietary IntrixylTM technology, FlexC CARE is a transdermal drug-free serum. It is made from ultra-pure and ultra-concentrated peptides that can penetrate the skin layers and permeate to the target tissues for therapeutic and rejuvenating effects. FlexC CARE can help support healthy inflammatory response, repair and rebuild joint tissues. This topical serum can be applied easily to any part of the body, including the knees, hips, shoulders and heel. It is non-greasy and non-sticky, and because it absorbs quickly, it will not stain your clothes

A peptide is a short chain of 2 or more amino acids, which combine to form proteins within the body.

Not all peptides are equal. The bioactive peptides found in FlexC CARE can penetrate deeply into the skin layers to reach the joints and muscles, not just repairing and rebuilding the tissues, it manages inflammation and thus breaks the vicious pain cycle.

FlexC CARE is the first bioactive peptide serum available in the market. It is unique and can hardly be found in any other pain relief cream, gel or serum available in the market.Without this unique and powerful ingredient, other available solutions only provide temporary relief and there is a high chance of relapse since the inflammation is not addressed. FlexC CARE not only manages the inflammation, it also nourishes, repairs and rebuilds the joint structures and muscles by stimulating the production of extracellular matrix (ECM).Providing fast pain relief, long-lasting comfort and rejuvenating effects

Not all patches or topical gels are transdermal. Most topical formulations(creams, gels, ointments and patches)only penetrate the top skin layer but do not get absorbed easily. This is due the barrier effect from the skinPatches do not enhance the ability of the active ingredients to permeate the skin.The occlusive nature of the patch drive modest amounts of the active ingredients into the skin over time. And, most of the drug applied remains in the patch.FlexC CARE has transdermal penetrating action. It can penetrate through the skin layers and reach deeper underlying joint and muscle tissues, thereby supporting repair and regeneration.

The primary active ingredients in FlexC CARE are bioactive peptides. If these peptides are taken orally, it can get degraded in the gastrointestinal tract before circulating in the body, resulting in poor bioavailability. Ultimately, only a very limited quantity of peptides can reach the affected areas to exert beneficial effects. However, topical administration of FlexC CARE serum enables peptides to permeate through the skin and directly reach the affected joints/muscles, eliciting local effects at the site of application and thus, maximizing the potency of FlexC CARE.

Yes, FlexC CARE will work as a perfect complement to oral joint supplements, such as FlexC MAXEX, FlexC PROEX.Each ingredient serves different purposes and their combined use provides synergistic effects to restore optimal joint function and quicker return to daily activities

FlexC CARE, FlexC MAX EX and FlexC PRO EX are meant for joint health. Refer table below for comparison:

FlexC CARE and FlexC MAX EX are best complements for vegetarians to support joint health. For non-vegetarian, FlexC CARE, FlexC MAX EX and FlexC PRO EX can be applied/taken together, which work synergistically to deliver maximum benefits to joint structure, health and function. The FlexC Series is best complemented with Bioactive Organic Silica which is clinically proven to help build bone strength and lower osteoporosis risk.

Yes, FlexC CARE helps reduce joint pain and supports natural recovery of joint tissues, such as cartilage, tendons, ligaments, as well as muscles. FlexC CARE also offers quick relief within hours of application. It is highly recommended to complement FlexC CARE with FlexC MAXEX, a vegetarian formula which targets the root cause of joint discomfort. For non-vegetarians, FlexC CARE can also be complemented with FlexC PROEX, an oral supplement with World No.1 collagen peptide brand from France, organic silica and tetrahydro curcuminoids. This multi-functional formula helps support strong body structure, including joints, muscles and bones

When applied as directed, most people feel relief within few hours after application. This effect may vary between individuals depending on severity of the pain and joint/muscle injury. For long-term joint comfort and repair, it is recommended to use FlexC CARE daily

Gently massage a small amount onto affected area until fully absorbed. Use FlexC CARE serum twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) for best results. Nonetheless, you can re-apply the serum at any time of the day as well.Also, apply 1 –2 hours after a shower. Because it is highly concentrated, just a small amount will be sufficient. Dispense a line as long as your index finger for application on the knee, shoulder or hip. For an ankle, wrist or the fingers, a line as long as half of your index finger will do. Do not apply on face.

FlexC CARE serum has not been tested on pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers in clinical trials. Thus, it is advisable for pregnant or breastfeeding customers to seek medical advice prior using FlexC CARE serum.

No, it does not. FlexC CARE helps relieve pain naturally. Proprietary bioactive peptides and Mentha Arvens is (mint) help support joint comfort and repair damaged joints. Thus, FlexC CARE is safe for long-term use

Yes, FlexC CARE is a drug-free serum and can be safely used alongside with pain killers.Since FlexC CARE does not contain any pharmaceutical compounds, it should not interact with an existing oral medicine. Nonetheless, please consult a physician if you have any health concerns.

Yes, daily walking, movement, exercise or sports will take a toll on the joints and muscles. Thus, joint repair and restoration should be an ongoing process and FlexC CARE serum helps expedite the process, preventing further joint and muscle degeneration.

FlexC CARE is recommended for people with physically demanding jobs that requires heavy lifting or repeated bending daily. Or if they are required to stand all day or wearing heels for extended periods of time. This group of people are at higher risk of suffering from joint injuries such as joint pain, stiffness, swelling or limited range of motion. FlexC CARE is also suitable for anyone who has muscle pain, strain, cramps or is suffering from a sports injury. BecauseFlexC CARE can help regenerate cartilage and muscles which are lost from wear and tear, it is especially recommended for those who are physically active, middle-aged adults, seniors and people who have a history of physical injuries.

Yes, please also ensure that FlexC CARE serum is completely absorbed and the skin is dry before you apply body lotion. Otherwise, applying body lotion any sooner may reduce the efficacy of FlexC CARE.