The First-Ever Bioactive Peptide Serum

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Formulated with proprietary Bioactive Peptides and Mentha arvens is(mint), FlexCCARE Transdermal Bioactive Peptide Serum is a‘must-have’ joint and muscle care serum for active and pain-free mobility. Developed using cutting-edge IntrixylTM technology, the Bioactive Peptides are ultra-concentrated and super absorbable due to its small molecular size. Taking a small amount of the serum for topical application, these Bioactive Peptides (tetra peptides and pent a peptides) will be delivered rapidly and deeply through the dermis skin layers, directly to the affected areas, providing fast and long-lasting relief. By stimulating extracellular matrix (ECM) synthesis in joint tissues, FlexC CARE provides fast relief and effective repair, rebuild and rejuvenation, which is imperative in breaking the vicious pain cycle.

*tetra peptide is a protein fragment consisting of four amino acids; penta peptide consists of five amino acids

a.) Bioactive Peptides:

Not all peptides are the same. The efficacy depends on the specific amino acid sequence. FlexC CAREBioactive Peptides are proprietary peptides with a specific and unique amino acid sequences, rendering unbeatable, superior efficacy in relieving discomfort and supporting healthy joints and muscles.

Complete rebuild: Bioactive Peptides send signals to targeted cells in the joints (e.g.cartilage cells, tendon cells), stimulating the production of extracellular matrix (ECM) (e.g. collagen, fibronectin etc.) and growth factors, both of which are important for joint tissues repair and regeneration.

Loss of cartilage usually occurs when there is an imbalance of building (synthesis) and breaking down (degradation) of tissue that helps to maintain a healthy joint. This leads to a steady decline in the quality and quantity of cartilage structure. These conditions are associated with significant disabilities and long-term (chronic) pain. At a cellular level, the cells that restore cartilage are incapable of secreting enough new material to combat the degradation. Or, there is simply not enough living cells to do the job. With this in mind, several avenues of research have been focused on methods of stimulating the cellular regeneration of the damaged tissue. Capable of repairing and regenerating extracellular matrix in the joints, FlexC CARE stand out from the rest. By repairing injured tissues and managing inflammation, FlexC CARE provides fast and long-lasting relief within hours, bringing joint pain to an end.

b.) Mentha arvensis

Mentha arvensis has been used in traditional medicine for its pharmacological activities as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory ingredient.

i.) Pain relief: Mentha arvens is contains high menthol content which effectively relieves pain when applied to inflamed or painful joints.

ii.) Anti-inflammation: Mentha arvensis contains an anti-inflammatory compound and thus is useful for relieving arthritis joints and sore muscles.

Unprecedented benefits of FlexC Care serum

FlexC CARE Transdermal Bioactive Peptide Serum supports the synthesis of extracellular matrix, including Type I & II collagens, fibronectin and growth factors. These are imperative for healthy joints, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscle repair and rejuvenation.On top of these, Bioactive Peptides also offers anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, providing quick, long-lasting and maximum relief for pain-free and independent movement.

What is extracellular matrix (ECM)?

ECM fills the space between the tissue cells. Living tissues are not just accumulations of tightly packed cells. Much of a tissue’s volume is made up of extracellular space (‘extra-‘ meaning ‘outside’ or ‘beyond,’ as in ‘extraterrestrial’). This void is filled with a complex meshwork called the extra cellular matrix

The components of the extracellular matrix are produced and organized by the cells that live within it. In the connective tissue (e.g. cartilage, tendon, ligament), the extracellular matrix is much more plentiful than the cells.Variations in the types and numbers of molecules in the extracellular matrix of connective tissue account for the incredible diversity of tissues and organs in the human body.

Rather than being inert filler material, like aStyrofoam packing to protect a glassware, the extracellular matrix is a dynamic, physiologically active component of all living tissues. In addition to providing structural support for the cells embedded within a tissue, the extracellular matrix guides their division, growth, and development. In other words, the extracellular matrix largely determines how a tissue looks and functions.The skeletal muscle extracellular matrix(ECM) plays an important role in muscle fiber force transmission, maintenance, and repair.

What are growth factors?

Growth factors are a family of diverse substances secreted by cells in the body that promote and stimulate biological processes and growth. In connective tissues (such as cartilage), growth factor

  • Produce the components of the cartilage
  • Halt the degradation of cartilage and promote its repair
  • Suppress inflammation
  • Protect important cells from death

Growth factor treatments offer potential benefits to protect against osteoarthritis (especially at its early stages) later in life. Also for sports injury, proper care and prevention of further damage will be important.

Overall health benefits of Bioactive Peptides in FlexC CARE:

  •  Stimulate ECM production to repair and rebuild joint structures and muscles

  • Support healthy inflammatory response

  • Rejuvenate, nourish & strengthen joints and muscles

  • Support quick relief from joint & muscle discomfort

  • Support recovery from a sprain or sports injury

  • Support joint flexibility & active movement

Superiorities of FlexC CARE

  • Transdermal deep penetration, fast absorption – Bioactive Peptides are very small (4 –5 amino acids) and can penetrate through the skin layers (transdermal) easily. It can exert its beneficial therapeutic and rejuvenating effects on the top dermal layers and deeper joint tissues.

Unlike FlexC CARE, most arthritis creams (OTC topical creams) tend to work best on joints that are close to the surface of the skin, such those in the hands or knees. FlexC CARE works on both the superficial and deeper joints and muscles.

  • Ultra-concentrated – Only a small dosage of BioactivePeptides is required to exert significant relief.
  • Fast relief – Within 24 hours. For minor pains, relief could be felt within 1-2 hours.
  • Non-greasy& non-sticky – The serum does not stain clothes and has no strong smell, it can be applied anytime.
  • Gentle on skin – It does not cause skin irritation and is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. Because it contains Mentha arvens is (mint), apply 1-2 hours after a shower to avoid a sharp tingling (hot)sensation.
  • Highly pure & safe – Having passed the SGS (safety & quality) test, Bioactive Peptides are produced using patent-pending technology and purified with a leading technology in Japan.
  • Drug-free – Provides immediate and lasting relief without any drugs or steroids; safe to apply multiple times a day.
  • Recognised by medical clinics in the world

Who Should Use FlexC CARE?

Able to repair and rebuild injured joint and muscle tissues, provide fast relief and manage inflammation, FlexCCARE is highly recommended for anyone who is susceptible to joint and/or muscle injuries.

Painful, inflamed or stiff joints due to worn out or injured cartilage, tendons or ligaments
Plantar fasciitis, painful spurs on the sole or high-heel wearers
Muscle strain, aches & cramps and sprains
Athletes, gym-goers or active individuals (e.g. jogging, running, hiking, cycling, playing basketball, martial arts etc.)
Obese or overweight whose weight can put a burden on knee joints and increase risk of cartilage loss
Physically demanding jobs (e.g. construction, agriculture, cleaning and retail sectors)
Middle-aged or elderly
Family history of joint disorders
History of physical injuries or accidents which may increase the risk of future joint problems
Rotator cuff injury* (e.g. stiff shoulder)

Plantar fasciitis is one the most typical causes of pain in the bottom of the heel. It involves inflammation of plantar fascia, which is a thick band of tissue that connects the heel to the front of the foot. This tissue serves as a shock absorber and also supports the arch of the foot to aid walking.

A rotator cuff injury is usually a strain or tear of the rotator cuff -the muscles, tendons and joint capsule that stabilizes the shoulder. This injury can cause a dull ache on the shoulder and often worsens when one tries to sleep on the injured side.

Suitable to be used on joints and muscles of all body parts, including knee, back, hip, shoulder, neck, elbow, ankle, wrist, heel, hands, thigh, calf, feet, fingers, toes etc.

Satisfied User

I woke up with a dull pain in my shoulder. When I tried to zip my dress, I felt an excruciating pain. As the range of motion was limited, I was rather frustrated. I decided to try FlexC CARE. Very surprised that the pain subsided after just one day. My shoulder got better after 1 week and later recovered!

Tham Yin Leng, 50

My mother has been suffering from knee pain for years, climbing the stairs is always an obstacle for her. FlexC CARE works for her! After using it for a month, her knees don’t hurt much now. I’ll continue to buy it for her.

Lim Keng Wee